A quick quiz about you

Your assignment for the next class (due August 27) is to read How to Write a Speech in the class notes.  This covers some of the technical details about speeches and about your voice.

Please read it and then…

I created a quick quiz for you.

A quick quiz button


Yes, a quiz.

And another quick quiz about the syllabus.

Take the Syllabus Test too!


Please complete this before August 24.  I will collect the answers then and we will discuss them during the class on August 27.

Why do you have to take a quick quiz on the syllabus?

Normally, we would take time to review the syllabus during class so you have time to understand my requirements and what I expect you to do in the class.

Because this is a speech class, I do expect you to speak in class!  (I don’t know of any other class that does that!)

But what’s the deal with the kilts?

Well, I like kilts.  They can be pretty informal, but in general, a kilt is seen as a formal dress for men in the US.  (It’s different in Scotland, but we’re not in Scotland.)

I require you to dress up for your presentations.  Why do I do that?

  1.  Respect for the audience.  When you’re dressed up, you’re saying to your audience that the privileged of speaking to them is so important that you didn’t wear your usual sneakers and gym shorts.  You respect them too much to show up in ripped up jeans and a t-shirt.  This sounds funny when you think about rock stars wearing whatever it is that rock stars currently wear.  But think about it.  The artists on stage wear clothing that attracts the audience’s attention.  It’s functional for the purpose of entertainment.  Your job here isn’t to entertain us – it’s to give a speech.  That requires a bit more dressing up.
  2. Creating the right attitude.  Scientists have proved what you mom probably has told you dozens of times:  when you stand up straight, put your shoulders back, hold your head up – it changes your attitude.  (Ok, maybe you get irritated by the instructions, but that’s not what I’m talking about.)  When you have the wrong attitude, often it’s as simple as doing something else that will change it to what you need it to be.  Wearing professional clothing helps create the right attitude in the audience to respect you, but it also will give you confidence in your ability to get up there and speak!

Please remember this when you get your speaking assignment dates.  I’m going to be pretty tough about this.  I will not let you give your speech to the class if you’re not dressed appropriately.  It’s a part of the rules of the class.

I don’t expect you go to out and spend a lot of money on clothes.  You can get appropriate clothing – a pair of dress pants, dress shirt and a tie, or a dress – at Goodwill or Walmart. I will permit black tennis shoes.  Getting dress shoes can be pricey, so we’ll stick with your sneakers if they’re black.  (Colors on black shoes are ok.)  If you have any questions, please let me know.

Don’t forget to watch Dr. King’s speech and read the assignment for Monday.


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