Assignment: The Ice Breaker Speech

ice breaker speechAssignment:  High School and Middle School classes

MS Date:  Sept. 26 and Oct. 3

HS Date:  Sept. 26

Time of speech:  3-5 minutes

Topic:  Yourself!


The purpose of this speech is to introduce yourself to Mrs. Krajci.  You can talk about anything you want, but be aware of these traps:

  1. Talking about your hobby more than why you like the hobby.  I don’t want to know how awesome the Golden State Warriors are.  I want to know why you like them.
  2. Your religious beliefs will become a sermon.  This is not a sermon.  Please do not use a conversion or born again experience for this speech.
  3. Your plans for your future. While I’m very interested in why you want to be a marine biologist, that’s your future.  Tell me about you right now.

Using a story for this speech is ideal.  Make sure that the story has a lot about you in it, either as the perpetrator or as a key person in the story.

Think about why you want to tell me this story or information about yourself.  Remember that the end of the speech is very important.  Review how you want to end the speech – what do you want Mrs. Krajci to do with the information you tell her?  Do you want her to laugh? Do you want her to have pity on you and give you a good grade?  Do you want to encourage her to support GSW?

Try to have 3 good points to your speech, or make the story last at least 3 minutes long.

In your introduction, tell me why this is important for you to tell me, and try to tie it in again in the conclusion.

REMEMBER:  This is your first speech.   If you have problems writing this speech, please ask IN CLASS.  If you have a question, it’s very likely that the other students have the same question as well.


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