The Voices Inside Your Head

the Voices in your headHave you ever listened to an audio book?  Did you notice what the reader did to create different voices for the characters?

The art of oral interpretation differs from giving a speech in that we don’t act out the story.  It’s more about the voice and smaller gestures rather than filling the stage with action and movement.  Oral interpretation relies on the reader’s ability to inspire the audience’s imagination.

Readers use some tools to help them differentiate the voices.  They can create a form of the voice characteristics on paper or with an audio recording to refer to while they record the audio book.

We will be using a worksheet for three characters in your piece.  Then we will be working together on creating voices for your characters this week and next.  We have the week of March 6, 2017, off for spring break, but we’ll continue again on March 13 and perform on March 20.