First Day of Speech Class

Hi.  Welcome to speech class.Welcome to Speech Class

Feeling nervous?

Nerves in Speech Class Are Normal

Speech class can be pretty scary.  Even people who like to give speeches might find the first day a bit…  nervewracking.  I think it’s a bit intimidating and I’m the teacher.

Let’s cover a few requirements and ground rules.

  1.  The Fight Club Rule of Speech Class:  What happens in speech class stays in speech class.  We can certainly share exciting, fun things that happened in class.  But don’t gossip about people who have a rough day in the class.  We’re all trying new things.  Sometimes things don’t work as well as we thought they would.
  2. We have very little swing in our class time.  If you miss a speech, you’re missing a significant portion of your grade.  There are only 4 speeches in this class.  They comprise the majority of your speech class grade.  If you’re assigned a speech date, we expect you to give a speech that day.
  3. There will be various bits of homework that you are expected to complete.  Videos will be most of the assignments with a worksheet to fill out after you watch the speech/presentation.  I will put a box for you to put the papers in.  I will not accept late work.  You can submit a PDF to me before class via email.  I really do not want you to do that.  With that being said, Bridges is looking at some options for online work submission.  I’m looking at that too, because you cannot imagine how quickly I can lose a piece of paper.  We’ll talk about the alternatives as they come available.  The list of emails I’ve got show everyone but one has a Gmail account.  This might make things a bit easier.  We’ll see what happens.

Required Equipment

You need a computer headset with a microphone.   I don’t care what you get as long as it’s not earbuds with a microphone on the cord.  Here are some headsets you can consider.  I do not have a preference as to the brand, model, or style.  Buy what works for you.  I don’t make any money off that link.

Starting in October, you will want a desk bell.  You can buy one for a dollar at the Dollar Tree or Dollar General near you.

Please bring paper and pen/pencils to the class.  While many of the notes for speech class are online, I do want you to be able to write down the things you want to remember.

First Speech Class Assignment

Your first assignment is to LISTEN to this video: The Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln.  Here’s the question I’m going to ask you to answer in class:

  1. Why did I ask you to listen to this video?
  2. What did you like about it?  (“It was short” is not an answer.) (Just saying.)
  3. What did you not understand about that speech?
  4. Why do you think we’re still talking about it 150 years later?
  5. What did Lincoln do that helped you understand why he was there?

I’m looking forward to discussing this speech with you.

See you Monday!



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