How Do You Persuade?

How do you persuade?My son Raymond and I liked to go to flea markets when he was young.  I combined several shopping trips onto one day, so he had expectations.  Candy at that store, cookies at another.  And it was pretty good bet that I’d buy him something to play with at the flea market.

When Ray was six, we were heading through the flea market at a pretty fast pace.  I had his two younger sisters in a stroller and I was pregnant with my fourth child and I wanted to be home.

Ray spotted a bow and arrow toy at a vendor’s table.  It was cheap plastic with a string that would stretch out quickly if the bow didn’t snap first.

While my son’s always been fascinated with bows and arrows, this wasn’t a good purchase.  I knew that.  But he persuaded me to buy it.

Extra CreditTell me a time you successfully persuaded someone to do something for you.




  1. I persuaded my dad to get me a phone

  2. One time I was having a horrible day and we had a friend of Sophie’s over. I was tired and we were playing a card game. Sophie got out 85% cocoa chocolate and gave some to here friend. I asked her if I could have some and she asked why I should have it. My reasons were I was tired, and needed something to help me because I was having a down day. She asked me how much I wanted and I said half of a 2″ bar. Ha! That woke me up 😀

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