Is it time for you to lead Impromptu Speaking?

We’ve finished up the first prepared speeches.  We filled in the extra time with impromptu speaking.

I can’t tell you how proud I am of all of you.  I know that first speech is the scariest thing ever!

That’s why I try to make the impromptu speaking part of our class fun.  Maybe you’d like to try it too?

How Do You Take Over Impromptu Speaking?

It’s pretty easy.  Just tell me you want to do it.

You’ve seen several options that we’ve done.  I’ve used Story Dice.  I’ve used sunglasses and water bottles.  We’ve talked about speeches I asked you to watch.

The secret to impromptu speaking is… there is no secret.  It’s simply something you have to put some thought into to encourage the members of the class to get up and speak for 1 minute.  If you google “Table Topics” you will find thousands of ideas for impromptu speaking prompts.

I personally think that impromptu speaking prompts are the most fun when it’s not just a question that is read out loud.  It’s much more inspiring to have something that you can hold, you can smell, you can feel – anything that will inspire your senses.  One favorite is to get Chinese fortune cookies and ask each speaker to open it up and talk about the fortune inside.

If you want to take over the impromptu speaking portion of the class,  you will receive 25 extra credit points at the end of the semester.

So think about what might inspire you to give a good 1 minute speech – or go to Google – and sign up for a week.  You’ll need to prepare for 10 speakers – 11 if you ask Mrs. Krajci.  So if you decide to use the fortune cookies, make sure you buy enough.

Let me know if you want to do it.  You can use this form to sign up.

In the meantime – it’s homework for you.

Watch What?

Your task this week is to find a cooking show and watch it on Youtube.  Here are the requirements:

You must go to Youtube and look for a video that is not produced by HGTV or Food Network.  Look for one that’s not professionally produced.  The easiest way to find one is to enter the word RECIPE and a food you like. I picked a recipe for corned beef and found Chef Bob.

Watch the video.  Consider these questions while you’re watching:

  • What do you think they did well in the presentation?
  • What do you think they skipped?
  • Do you think the presenter had help behind the scenes?
  • What didn’t work?

Go to the quiz and answer the questions.

Are you hungry now?

We’re going to get started next week with our next prepared speech: the Demonstration Speech.

Just a head’s up – you’ll need your headset with microphone for next week’s homework assignment!


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