Invitation to Pecha Kucha in Akron

Think about this:  you have to give a presentation with 20 computer slides that will change every 20 seconds.  You have no control over the slides at all. It’s a very challenging type of presentation, but it’s also a fascinating method of presenting called PechaKucha.  This has spread around the …

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Assignment: Storytelling Speech

Storytelling speech

Assignment:  High School and Middle School classes MS and HS date:  December 12 Time of speech:  4 to 10 minutes, 4 minute minimum Topic:  Story of your choice Notes:  This is a chance to tell a story.  Each story needs to have an arc and a good conclusion.  Notes will not be …

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Selling Your Story: The Intro

Today, we talked about storytelling.  We talked about how to use the plot line format to craft our stories so that our audience will be able to follow our thoughts. It was a fun day today to tell each other stories (and to ring the bells, right, guys?) and talk …

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What Did You Learn Today?

Today we spent some time working on what your audience might think about your speech.  It’s important to understand the listener’s perspective on your speech. What did you learn? Perspective and Feedback Feedback is critically important (pun intended) to help you improve your speaking.  That’s why we ask for other …

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A Plastic Knife? Seriously?

plastic knife

Yes, seriously. Look, I have my reasons.  You can’t stab me with it.  (Joking!)  You’ve probably never thought about a craft or something you can do with a plastic knife that doesn’t involve food. Plastic knives are not expensive. What’s really important is that you decide quickly: What Are You …

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