A Plastic Knife? Seriously?

Yes, seriously.Plastic knife

Look, I have my reasons.

  1.  You can’t stab me with it.  (Joking!)
  2.  You’ve probably never thought about a craft or something you can do with a plastic knife that doesn’t involve food.
  3. Plastic knives are not expensive.

What’s really important is that you decide quickly:

What Are You Going to Do With a Plastic Knife?

Number 1 rule:  it can’t have anything to do with food. No food.  None.

Number 2 rule:  You can’t hurt yourself or someone else with it.  (No knife throwing.) (I don’t care that it’s plastic.)

Number 3 rule:  There is no number 3.  I just made that up.

Extra CreditExtra Credit question:  What are you going to do in your speech with a plastic knife?

This is also your homework.  Decide this week what you’re going to do and get started breaking down the steps.



  1. I am going to show how to make a hairbrush out of a plastic knife. My steps are:

    1. Gather supplies
    2. cut pieces
    3. assemble parts

  2. Are we supposed to post our projects here? My internet has been down since Sunday. 🙁 Anyway, I am decorating a mirror with a lot of colored plastic knives.

  3. I’m doing my demonstration speech using a plastic knife to make a bunny

  4. I am going to make a plastic knife airplane

  5. Congratulations Mrs. Kraji, you broke me. School has never been too difficult for me until I took this class. Thankfully I am an author and have bottomless pit of imagination. For this project I will be creating a reflective vest from plastic knives.

  6. Since the walls in my bedroom are very bland I have decided to make a picture out of colored plastic knives. I hoe that when you put it up to a window it shines through and I think it will look really pretty

  7. Sorry I misspelled hope😃.

  8. I decided to do a marble run with plastic knifes

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