Give Yourself a Storytelling Road Map

Adventures in Storytelling

Storytelling adventuresThink about an adventure.  It’s going to do and see something new.  You’re giving that to your audience. You’re giving them something that needs to entertain or educate them.  You need to engage their emotions.

We have talked about the basics of storytelling.  How to put emotion into our speeches by

  • using sensory words and images
  • crafting the sequence of the story
  • creating a lead character that the audience can relate to.

We need to create an adventure for our audience.  That requires an introduction and a conclusion that will satisfy our listeners.

If you create a road map for yourself, you can help yourself not need notes for your story.  You’ll need to memorize what you want the audience to feel, not the words that you have to say.  When you’ve got your emotional road map written down, you’ll be surprised at how much easier storytelling can be.

That road map isn’t a quick exercise.  You need to recognize the value of each character and every action.  You need to think about what the audience will need to respond to so that they have the emotional reaction you want.

This extra credit exercise is a big one, but it will pay off in your speech!

(You may want to write this all down first, or put it into a word processor document and then cut and paste (paste as text is always best if you get that option.)  That will make it easier for you to edit before you hit enter.  If you want to change something and you can’t edit your original post, go ahead and add another comment!)

Extra Credit:  25 points – this is a big one!

List all of your characters in your story.  What are their names?  What do they do in the story?  How do they contribute to the adventure?Extra Credit

What sensory words do you want to use in your story?

What feelings do you want your audience to feel when you’re done?




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  1. My characters are: Bailey, Mom, bridesmaids(Louisa, Alex…),and me. Bailey is getting married and her dress wouldn’t zip up, My mom told me to find Bailey because the photographer was waiting on Bailey,Louisa and Alex were in the storage room helping Bailey with the rest of the bridesmaids, and I zip up Baileys dress. I hear the Bridesmaids whispering in the storage room. I want the audience to feel like they can be the hero in anything they want to be.

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