Time for a Change: Persuasion

It’s time for a change.  A change in someone’s mind.  Whose?  I don’t know!  It’s up to you because it’s time for your persuasion speech!

Persuasion Speeches

The first thing you have to understand about persuasion is that you’re asking for change from the current situation. Change is difficult.  People fight wars over change.  So expected to change someone’s mind isn’t just a “ok, I’ll say a few words and everyone will agree with me.”

Doesn’t work like that.  If it did, we wouldn’t see the same advertisements over and over.  We’d only need to hear it once and we’d all agree, right?  Apparently not.

Your task is to decide what your topic is going to be.  You’ve been given a worksheet to help you work out the primary points you want to make in your speech.

Here’s the key to a persuasive speech (and if you’re taking debate next term – this is the basic principle of debate:

You must understand both sides of the problem in order to successfully challenge and win.

So here’s your homework – and there’s a lot of it this week.

 Reading Assignments:  These are on the website for you to read.

All of these are here on the website.

Homework assignment for the Storytelling Speech:

You were given sheets to keep track of your evaluations of your fellow students’ speeches.  Get those out and go to this page:  My Storytelling Evaluation and fill out the form.  The answers you give will be based on the evaluations you made of the other students.

Pick Your Persuasion Speech Topic

Based on the calendar for Bridges, we may postpone these speeches until next year.  Oh, I know you’re disappointed!  It also creates a bit of a crush for the oral interpretation assignment, which is supposed to be recorded and sent to me.  But by giving ourselves more time on the persuasion speech, I hope we can also focus more on presentation skills by practicing your speech during class.  That means you will be expected to have your speech ready to present but not be graded on December 10.

In order to get us on track, your topic must be finalized this week.  Bring in the worksheets and be prepared to analyze your audience, your topic and your presentation organization next week!


PS It looks like the website did not update after the last class.  Don’t worry about it!  I hope you had a great holiday and helped clean up afterward!

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