What Do the Voices In Your Head Sound Like?

Extra CreditTell me the name of the piece you’re going to perform, the names of the characters, and what you think they’re going to sound like.

Is there an audio book reader you like?  Who is it?  What did you like about the performance?


One Comment:

  1. I am going to preform The Sneetches by Dr. Suess. The characters in the beginning of the story are the sneetches without stars and the sneetches with stars. The sneetches without stars should have a sad sounding voice. Maybe quiet. The sneetches with stars are going to have a happier sounding voice, loud, and sounding proud. Now there is Sylvester McMonkey McBean who is a sales man and should have a fast and higher voice. The sneetches without stars who get the offer to have stars will sound loud excited and happy. The sneetches with stars when they see the sneetches with new stars will have low angry sounding voices. I think that is it 😀

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