What Did You Learn Today?

Today we spent some time working on what your audience might think about your speech.  It’s important to understand the listener’s perspective on your speech.Perspective

What did you learn?

Perspective and Feedback

Feedback is critically important (pun intended) to help you improve your speaking.  That’s why we ask for other people to give us their ideas on how we can improve.

I hope you were kind and gave good suggestions.  That’s important for everyone in this class to feel like they can try new things, even if the ideas are a bit weird.  We don’t want to be critical and say things that the speaker can’t change.  We want to be encouraging and helpful so that all of us can produce better speeches.

It’s very easy to get caught up in your own perspective and forget that other people might have a different opinion.  Hearing what other’s think can help us to make positive decisions about changes that our speeches might need.

Your demonstration speech topic has been forced on you.  But your job is to make that topic your own with an amazing demonstration.

Don’t forget your homework:  tell me how you want to stage your speech:  1 long table or 2 tall small tables.

Extra Credit

Extra credit question (10 points)

What did you learn from today’s exercise?  Will you change your speech?



  1. It helped me sooooo much. I now have new ideas and I really think it changed my speech a lot. I am very grateful that we did this exercise.

  2. I think it helped me a lot😃. I am very glad that we did that because yes I did change my speech. I hope we do that again for the storytelling speech.

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