Youth Leadership Program FREE for Bridges Students

Bridges to Offer Youth Leadership Program for Public Speaking

Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program Sign Up Toastmasters International is a world-wide organization that promotes public speaking and leadership skills.  They have developed the Youth Leadership Program (YLP), an 8-week program to introduce teens to public speaking and leadership skills.

The Youth Leadership Program is designed to help the students start out with the basics in a practical, experiential method.  They’ll learn to

  • Overcome the nerves and stage fright
  • Write and present an organized, logical, and persuasive speech
  • Try impromptu speaking
  • Learn listening and analytical skills
  • Experience coaching by giving and receiving peer evaluations
  • Lead or participate in group discussions or meetings.

At the end of the eight weeks, we’ll have a banquet with the parents and families of the group members to show what we’ve learned.  More information about the banquet will be announced later.

Your student can join us – for free!

Thanks to the Toastmasters in Green Toastmasters club, there is no charge for the materials for this program.  Each student will receive a YLP manual the first day of class that they must bring to every class session.  Members of the Toastmasters in Green club will attend to be sure that every student gets personal attention and help to write and present their speeches.

If you have questions, please contact Kim Krajci at right away – the seats are limited!

It’s open to any member of the Bridges Co-op.  If we don’t get the full ten students, we’ll open it to other homeschoolers (who must agree to sign a waiver for the co-op and the church.)

January 30th through March 27th
Class starts at 12:45 to 1:40

No COSTS for materials. No grades will be given.

We will conclude the program with a banquet and presentation by the students.

Introduce your students to Public Speaking now – it will change their lives!

Sign up at  Bridges Co-op Speech Class Sign Up (YLP).  We are limited to 7 more members in the group, so sign up today!



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