About Speech Classes

About Speech Class

The Bridges School speech class will be during the first semester of the 2018-2019 school year.

Our purpose of our speech class is to:

  • Reduce stage fright
  • Learn how to write and deliver a speech
  • Develop basic speaking skills
  • Provide opportunities for impromptu speaking
  • Analyse speeches – historic and contemporary.

Oh, and have fun while we’re doing this.

We will study the ancient art of rhetoric.  Public speaking is not a science.  It’s the method we have developed to communicate our message to a large group of people at one time.  We will study the techniques and tools and help each student develop their own style.

Speech class will require some outside work and reading.  We will keep the focus on the power of the spoken word – both prepared and impromptu.

Our goals for speech class include:

  • prepare the student for impromptu speaking opportunities, including job interviews
  • develop the student’s unique style in a positive manner
  • learn the tools of public speaking to maximize effectiveness (without being a jerk.)