Our Schedule

Since our semester is coming to a close so soon after our Christmas break, I think I should post the schedule for the remaining speech assignments.

December 10, we will continue to do speech skills with Jenilee Taylor.

December 17, 24, 31 will all be vacation days.  Spend them well.

We are running out of time!  Can we get all our speeches done?

January 7 and 14 will be persuasion speeches.  This is going to be crunch time, people.

Let’s take a survey:

Can you give us your lunchtime on January 14?  If you will agree to give up your lunch on that date, we can schedule all the speeches for that day and give ourselves January 7 for a persuasion work day.

Speech times will be 3-7 minutes.  With 11 students and 1 minute transition times. that’s a total of 88 minutes MINIMUM for this class.  That rolls us into at least 12:30 (because we’re going to be interrupted for students to bring their chairs into the room.


No Oral Interpretation After All

We will not have the Oral Interpretation assignment to be recorded.  We simply don’t have the time to work on the skills to make this a good assignment.

Take the survey NOW.