Contractarianism: Hobbes Social Contract

We will have spent all of class on Monday talking about flowing.  As I was preparing this class, I found this link.  I honestly couldn’t explain how you debate better than this article, so go read it now.  It’s short.

This is a model of a debate flow.  This isn’t specific to LD – you’ll notice there is no Value or Value Criterion on here.

Debate flow format
Thanks to for this great image!

Flowing Homework

Homework assignment 1:

Watch the video and flow the constructives, the rebuttals and the KVIs.  You should enjoy this. Upload a picture of your flow to our google drive.

Social Contract Homework

Lots of videos today.

First, I talk about morality in this video.  It’s a short, poor, nasty, brutish and solitary video.  (Ok, that’s a joke.)


Video 2:  Social Contract Theory:  How do we live together?

Ever watch a group of 1-year-olds?  There’s a reason we don’t leave them alone.  They can’t be trusted.  They don’t understand social contract theory.

Here’s a lecture explaining it to you.


Bring 4 balls to class next week.


Four balls.  Any four balls.  They don’t have to be four of the same balls.  They don’t have to be big, small, colorful, not-colorful.  They can be soccer, football, ping-pong, baseballs, tennis, whatever you have.

We need them for class, so please be sure to bring them!